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From Rob Navarro ....Lebeau was one of the most fascinating guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He lives in LA and always had a fantasy about doing porn. He is White and American Indian with the most interesting look I ve seen in a dark haired guy. He has an amazingly fit body that has never seen the light of day in a gym. I found that hard to believe but he claims to never go, he has a lot of sex to keep him in shape. A Pleasure to look at!

And more....I began to suck his dick and he really didn t even say a word! In fact he got even harder and came very close to cumming a couple of times almost immediately after I started sucking. I began to get a motion and rhythm going and I could see his balls tightening up so I knew he was close to busting. I picked up the rhythm and as he started to breath heavy and squirm a little and I knew that he was about to blow.
He blew an amazingly huge load all over the carpet in front of him and the look on his face... Priceless! When we finished, as you ll see on the video, he was totally not expecting what had happened and I think to a certain point he wasn t too thrilled it happened but I think deep down inside it was probably one of the best blow jobs he s ever had! I think that confused him a little!