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These men are all straight, some with girlfriends. Many are in the military but there are some civilians. One thing they have in common is Rob Navarro. He seduces them all. How does he do it? Well some cash might be the answer but there's more to it than that. Check out Rob Navarro's Military Classified and check out how gets these hot sexy boys. Most are in their early twenties. How does he not only get them to have sex but film them as well? These pics are about Bautista, a hot Black guy. No he's not a pornstar, just a plain guy. As a member, you can see and download the entire video. He's been doing this for years and his archives are massive.
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From Rob Navarro....Today I'm answering all my critics that say I don't feature African Americans! I found one that I flipped over! He's hot!, He's straight and he has an amazing body and cock and today he's agreed to allow me to service him for the very first time on camera of course but more importantly from a guy! He needed money big time and I think I caught him at the right time and in the right mood because the delivery of this man's load was a video to remember! His first time was with an to an older girl in an alley near his house...Can you say THUG? god that's hot! He fucked her good and hard and had no trouble stepping into his manhood. After I heard his juicy stories about his fucking adventures, I had him take all his clothes off on my bed and this kid had an incredible body, I mean incredible. Not an ounce of fat on him.

Beautiful tan skin, sexy brown eyes and a dick that deserved my praise. I had him sit at the edge of my bed with his legs spread and his half hard cock staring right at me in the face. I began to lick his balls and they immediately tightened up and I slowly moved my way up his shaft until his cock was fully engorged with a pulsating head that throbbed. I wasted no time in making Bautista extremely nervous because all of a sudden he went quiet and focused solely on the porn on the television. He was almost mezmerized with the porn but more importantly the pleasure he was deriving from the BJ was making him enjoy the video even more. Did I mention he had a beautiful cock? Anyway, I next began to bob up and down on his cock taking it deep down my warm throat and making his balls tighten right up to the bottom of his shaft. Next I asked him to begin fucking my mouth as if it were a real pussy so without instruction Bautista instantly grabbed the back of my head turning me into a blow-up doll whore's mouth. He drilled it forward, up and down, sideway but always with a power and dominant presence. It was so fucking hot for me to sit there and be choked by this stud.

Towards the end I began to use my hand and mouth combo and with all the wet spit I used to keep it slippery, Bautista almost fell back into the bed moaning "oh god" and I knew he was just about there now and just bearly hanging on for dear life. The expressions on his face was that of incredible anticipation and when all of a sudden he said "ah shit, ahh, ahh, ohh, ohh, fuckkk! It was almost as if the life was knocked right out of him as he fell back in complete and dire relief.