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I met Anthony online when I placed an ad in a chartroom of a well known company, yahooooooo-ooh! He popped in and asked what it was all about. I started to explain to him the whole situation and what the videos entailed and he then told me that he had done some homemade porno for a woman in Hawaii where he use to live. He said she had a fascination with his cock because it was the largest she had ever seen. Of course you know me, I said sure, of course you do and kind of shrugged it off but he insisted that his cock was huge. I too became a believer like that woman because I today I sucked on the biggest cock of my life, a whopping 11 inches!

We arranged to meet for an informal interview but since he didn't have transportation I agreed to pick him up. A lot of military are mostly broke without cars, I feel like a taxi service most of the time. When we got to the hotel, we sat down, worked out the money situation and he told me he had no problem receiving a blow job from a guy as long as he didn?t have to do anything in return. Anthony had that hardcore look with a shaved head that I was in shock would even do this. He warned me and said that no one has ever made him cum from a blowjob and that every chick that has sucked him off had never been able to take it all the way down.

At this point I had not seen his cock so I still felt like I was being massaged and didn?t give it another thought. He undressed and to tell you the truth I was flabbergasted when I saw what was between his legs. His cock wasn?t even hard yet and it hung at 7 inches...Soft! I couldn?t believe it. I had ?Girls Gone Wild? videos playing with chics masturbating and he was fascinated by the whole masturbating thing. You can see the intent look on his face as he watched how she fingered herself. I noticed that right away his cock started to swell. You can see his cock start to lengthen and expand by itself as he got more and more turned on.

I couldn?t stand it any longer so I just got on my knees and grabbed that cock of his. It was like kneeling to a God, his cock sort of just hung there in absolute beauty. I started to stroke it with baby oil and his cock grew even more. Look at the video and you will see that his cock extends a full 11 inches of USDA meat. This cock was straight and beautifully cut with a nice head. I couldn?t hold it any longer, I had to get my lips on it. I started sucking his dick like there was no tomorrow and slowly started to take more and more of it down my throat as I relaxed my tonsils.

I became so relaxed that literally all 11 inches went down my throat. Next I had him stand up and fuck my face and when I took a break, that ?thing? hung by itself halfway to his knees. HE WAS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! He has probably the biggest cock I?ve ever seen, on a white guy that is. I thoroughly enjoyed sucking him off and making him bust a nut. Although, he completely loves and prefers women, I was lucky that he was open minded about having a guy suck him off for cash. It was a marriage made in heaven as you?ll see in the video?..Something worth remembering!