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Bob and I had wanted to do a threeway for a long time but never got around to it. We've been together for some time and our sex life had gotten stale. We wanted another person to see the varieties we could enjoy together. One night at a club, our dream came true. Tom was this huge guy we both looked at and said yes. Muscular and tall like a football player, he had an all American look. He crotched looked like had quite a big cock too! After talking a bit, we found he was a student at the university. We asked him to come with us and he said yes.

At our condo, we quickly stripped like anxiously opening up Christmas gifts. Tom's body was built and he also did modeling for artists. Every inch was defined with muscle and his cock was as large as you could imagine. We got in bed and the fun started.

Tom stood up on the bed, placed his hands on the wall above me and leant forward. I was suddenly face to face with his huge cock. He slipped his cock in my mouth. His dick filled my mouth and there was a lot more to go, but it kept coming. He was making no noise as I choked on his cock, pinned up against the wall. He got most of it in and began thrusting. His cock was streaming precum on my tongue and down my throat. After ramming my throat a couple of more times, he began to moan. I let him carry on but wanted to fuck some ass , before I shot my load into Bob's begging mouth.

We didn't know who was top or bottom . We considered what to next. Tom had it in his mind he was going to bang the fuck out of my mouth. Bob was already laid back telling me to fuck him good and hard. We eventually decided that we'd both fuck Bob and play with each others' balls while we fucked him. I knelt up next to Bob and he spread his legs. I lubed him up and creamed my cock with lube so it would slide in smoothly. I got into position and began pushing. His hole was so tight. I felt his muscles relax , it was like a million tender lips locking tight around my shaft. Then I pushed it all in. It felt so good. His insides were tight and hot.

He pulled me onto him and let out a moan as my cock was moved inside him. I kissed him hard and began to fuck him. I start slowly and then faster. The more he enjoyed it the harder I fucked him. I was surprised how much he could take but he was begging for more. He was furiously jerking his cock, enjoying every moment of my rock hard cock inside him.I then felt Tom put his face in my ass and his hands on my shoulders pushing my forward. He started licking my hole which made me tighten up at first and then relax. He then started piercing my hole with his tongue and was soon rimming me fully. I was all over the place, moaning and holding my ass cheeks apart. His warm tongue on my hole was the best sensation ever. I heard him then pump out lube and rub it onto my asshole.It was cold, and made me jump. Bob didn't mind though as I continued to fuck his ass. I could hear Tom rubbing lube onto his cock and I said that I am only top. He said nothing. He pushed me forward, into Bob and placed his cock on my tight hole. I shouted that I am only top and he started pressing ahead. It hurt like crazy at first and he told me to relax .He got about halfway into my ass with cock and I felt the urge to start fucking Bob again. With Tom in me, I began moving and the sensation was incredible. Tom said that at that time my ass relaxed and he was able to plough my ass the same way he ploughed my mouth.

I thought I was dominant, but he power fucked me. Every movement he made was sent through me and into Bob. I had never experienced anything like it and having a body on top and below me made everything really horny. Each of them was moving on me and I was simply sandwiched in the middle begging for more.I knew I wouldn't be able to last long and so I started to plough Bob as hard as I could to make him cum. It seemed to work. He started shouting that he was 'close' and needed to cum soon. Tom obviously had the same thought and started to plough my hole as if his life depended on it. Bob went hands free and I fucked him nice and hard. He started to tense up and was rolling his head around. He leant his head back into the pillow and gasped. His cock shot around 6 jets of cum. all over his face, chest, neck and on me too. He took a deep breath and laughed. I scooped some up and tasted it and then placed the rest onto his lips. Like the little dirty slut he is, lapped it up.

Tom's moaning increased so much by now and he was firmly holding my waist fucking me. He slammed forward and let out a huge groan. I felt his cock with each blast of cum as it hit me from inside. It was the weirdest feeling, it was like with each one was as if someone was reaching my male gspot. Because of the sheer force of Tom's cumming, I felt my cock get rock hard. I let out what can only be described as a river as I dumped a huge load into Bob. He didn't really make a noise but looked at me thankfully as we all lay on top of him in a sweaty, cum covered mess. We got into bed together for the night and Bob spent the night kissing my neck.

We kept our threeways with Tom till he graduated from college. We still stay in touch. It was one the best things we did for our relationship.
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