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It isn't unusual for the men in the club to parade for each other, showing off their erections in a lewd and lascivious way. While John and Tony sat in front of their lockers dressing, several other members stopped in front of them and offered their dicks for a quick suck, and both men eagerly licked and sucked the cocks like they were lollipops. John especially, because at heart he was a born cocksucker who usually sucked at least two cocks a day, sometimes more! He was spending more and more time at the club, with the express intention on sucking off as many men as possible! Bill, the name of the man John was sucking off, had a huge erection, probably ten inches long and very thick, so he was a very popular person that John felt honored to suck off! Bill stood calmly with his hands on his hips while smoking a big cigar as John hovered his big pecker. When ever Bill was hard he always gathered a crowd, and this was no exception, as a group of naked men stood around jerking their own cocks while watching Bill get his massive schlong sucked off. One of the men, leaned against the lockers and moaned, "God it feels good to be gay, just look at all this hard meat!!!" Finally, Bill began to thrust his hips forward as his balls tightened, his big erection was about to fill John's mouth with his load, and just seconds later the room was filled with the sound of groaning men as their cocks ejaculated all over the tile floor while Bill erupted like a geyser deep in John's throat, almost gagging him with the flood of semen that jetted from his huge cock.